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Practice Fees

Our Billing Policy

We are a private billing practice. A $45 gap fee applies for ALL appointments (Mon-Fri) and $60 on Saturdays. Appointments of longer than 25 minutes will incur a $70 Gap fee. Mental Health care plans and reviews incur a $70 Gap fee. Children under 16 with medicare cards will be charged a discounted rate of $35 gap fee. 

Cancellation Policy

You will incur a $45 cancellation fee if you miss or fail to notify the clinic or cancelling/rescheduling within 2 hours of your appointment time. In case of double appointments a $70 cancellation fee will apply.

Telehealth Consultation Fees

 The billing and gap fees will work the same way as an in person consultation. Please review relevant tables and details below for further information.

Private Gap Fees

Fee Table Run Down

Medicare Rebate
Out of Pocket
Standard Consult (10 mins)
Long Consult (20 mins)
Prolonged Consult (44 mins)
Standard Consult (10 mins) - After Hours
Long Consult (20 mins) - After Hours
Prolonged Consult (44 mins) - After Hours

Please note children with medicare cards will incur a discounted gap fee of $35. 

Upon payment of the consultation fee, we can provide you an immediate rebate onto a physical debit card or iphone banking app.  

If you do not have a physical debit card or iphone banking app, you will be provided a receipt for which you can make the claim online.

For information on how to make your own claim click here.

Patients WITHOUT a Medicare card

Patients without a valid Medicare Card will need to pay a private fee. 

We DO NOT process any overseas insurance on site. After you finish your appointment with the Dr. we will  provide you a tax invoice,  which can be used to make your claim with your overseas health insurance (if you have overseas health insurance). Please note: Dr Clifton does not have a student discount.

Student Discount
Standard Consultation (10 mins)
Long Consult (20 mins)
Prolonged Consult (40 mins)
Standard Consult (10mins) - After Hours
Long Consult (20 mins) - After hours
Prolonged Consult (40 mins) - After Hours

Procedure Fees

We do various procedures on site at the practice including:

  • Pap Smears

  • Cryotherapy

  • Implanon insertions and removals

  • Skin Checks

  • Ear Syringing

Ultimo Medical Practice charges a fee for most procedures performed during your consult. This fee covers the cost of the various equipment that we use including dressings, surgical equipment, anaesthetic, sutures and cryotherapy. 

Your doctor will inform you of the out-of-pocket costs prior to commencing. For your safety and wellbeing, we only use sterile and disposable equipment.

Please inquire at the front desk or call us on 9212 1400 for procedure fees and the costs associated as they all incur different prices. 

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