Do our GPs BulkBill?

While living costs are exponential in Australia, Medicare rebates have remained stagnant. In order to cover the costs of medical facilities and staff, we have transitioned into a mixed billing practice. We only provide Bulk Billing for patients within certain hours (please see our practice fees).

When paying for my appointment, why can't I just pay $25/$35?

In order to legally bill a gap fee for a doctor’s consultation, Medicare requires us to initially charge the standard rate then add the gap on top. Thus, we are required to charge the full consultation fee and give patients a rebate. This is why we cannot accept $25/$35 in cash as a gap. If patients present with a debit card, we can happily process the rebate on the spot. If you would like to pay in cash, you will have to contact Medicare yourself to attain the rebate. For more information on our billing, please see our practice fees.

How does MyHealth Record work? Do we use it?

Yes, we do use My Health Record, unless you have opted out of it. This is usual of general practices in Australia. To find out how it works, please visit myhealthrecord.gov.au.


Can the doctors discuss results over the phone, or via email?

Unfortunately, due to privacy concerns we are strictly unable to discuss results with patients over the phone, or send any results via email. All communication regarding patient’s health must take place face-to-face, or via fax machine between doctors’ offices.

What do our doctors specialise in?

All of our doctors are General Practitioners, but they all have special interests! Please call and enquire.

Can I see an allied health practitioner (dietitian, physiotherapist, etc) without a referral from a GP?

It is possible to visit an allied health professional without getting a referral from a GP, however the cost for the consultation will be much higher. We’d recommend booking in to see a GP first.


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